Perfect Fit Blinds can be made to fit side windows, opening windows, skylight windows and shaped conservatory roofs. They can alsos be made as Pleated, Roller or Venetian Blinds. Fit for any taste or indeed, any room.

No Drill Holes
Easy to measure, snap fit in less than 30 seconds.
Fitting perfectly into the frame, we don't need to use a drill at all - meaning you're free to take them down without damaging your framework.

Energy Saving
Ask about our Energy Saving fabrics, combined with Perfect Fit they could help to save you money.

Child Safety
No control cords = no choking threat to young children or pets.

Contemporary / Stylish
Perfect Fit give a modern spin on traditional window blinds. Matched with some brand new designer style fabrics and the results are stunning.

Perfect Fit Frames are available in White, Brown and Golden Oak Foil allowing you to match them in with your existing Upvc Frames.

Easy to remove for cleaning
No more flapping blinds on opening lights or Tilt and Turn windows, the Perfect Fit Blind System integrates unobtrusively into the frame of the conservatory or window as if it was part of it.
Where blinds are installed on doors and tilt and turn windows, the discrete perfect fit frame means that blinds do not swing and clatter as your doors and windows are opened and closed, protecting them from damage.


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